Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Life-Changing Story

Not that anyone needed an excuse to ride a bike, but have a read of this letter we got from a GT fan:

Hello, my name is Tim and I am writing you this letter just to let you know of the successes you have helped me achieve.

I am a 35 year old truck driver in Ontario Canada. Up until June 2009 I was an overweight smoking asthmatic non-physical truck driver. June was the month when my life began to change. A friend of mine who was also a driver asked me to come for a ride. Needless to say after that first ride I thought I was going to die from exhaustion but that fresh air and blood boiling adrenaline got into my soul so I called a old friend of mine who use to be one of the best bike mechanics in the town where I live and told him I need a better bike.

So he took me to Mountaintop cycle and I sold my old car and bought a 2009 GT Marathon sport. I found myself going bike crazy. I now have a list of friends I can ride with almost at any time, I lost 40lbs, my blood pressure is great, my cardio is spot on and I put over 1000 kilometers on my GT from July till November. Thanks to you for making a bike so perfect for me to ride; thank you so much. In 2010 I plan to start competing in some racing and I hope to put double the kms on this year. Got to go now; going to play in the snow on my GT.

Congrats, Tim! Glad you were able to achieve so much success in getting healthy on your GT. Anyone else have stories of how riding helped transform their life? If so, either post here or write a note on your own wall and tag us.

Dilley Update

Hey Guys,

It's been a chill few weeks for me since I have been back in Australia. I have just been hanging out with the Fam and catching up with my mates.

My wrist is feeling good and I have been doing some physical therapy and stretches to get it back into action. I should be back cruising around in 2 weeks so hopefully that goes well! Im excited for 2010 and ready to ride!