Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 Podiums for Dillewaard at China X Games

Yo guys!
I just got back Monday from a 2 week trip to Beijing China and had a
sick time. I went over for the CX-games competition and to check out
some sites. The first week i was there was mainly just being a tourist
witch was awesome. Got to see the forbidden city and some cool stuff.

The contest was on the weekend and had Dirt And park. They invited
about 10 international riders and 10 Asian riders for each event so
was a decent turn out. It was the first time China had put Action
sports on there biggest TV channel CCTV also.. CCTV has about 15
channels and approx 100 million viewers over china so it was a big deal
for sure..

I ended up getting 3rd in both the Park and Dirt competitions and I am
real happy about that. Here's a few pics from my travels.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dillewaard heading to China X Games

Team GT Rider Dave Dillewaard just got a call from the organisers for the China X Games and they have asked him to come over to compete. Dave will be there a week early to take in the sites and hang out before the competition. Good Luck, Dills

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Catching Up With Dilly

Hey Guys,
Been back in the states for a week now and back on the bike for 2. My
ribs are a bit sore still but it feels good to be riding again.
Saturday I competed in the Vitalbmx game of Bike. it was a fun day but
very long and I ended up going out in the second round to Aussie Kyle

I'm about to be real busy the next month. Heading to Utah Sunday to
shoot and film some riding. Then Vegas for the final stop of the dew
tour. Then China for CX games. Going to be busy but fun and I'm stoked
to be back on my bike!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Rob Wise On The Mend

Well as some of you may have heard Rob Wise had another bad crash the other night. Rob has been working on a section in Shawn "Elf" Walters new film called Killjoy. I just talked with Shawn and he was saying it was a pretty freak deal, Rob had already filmed some heavy clips that day and this was something Rob was not to stressed on. Sounds like Rob broke his hip and left arm in the fall but it sounds like he wont need surgery so that's a good thing. Rob has had a hell of a year despite being injured a couple of serious times this year. Get well soon Rob and hopefully you can walk in your wedding in 4 short weeks. GT Bicycles

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dave Dillewaard in Ocean City for Dew Tour Round 1

Team GT Rider Dave Dillewaard was in Ocean City, Maryland for the opening round of the Dew Action Sports Tour this past weekend. After the event we took a minute to catch up with Dave and this is what he had to say.

Yeah we are here in Ocean City and the course is massive. It's been a real fun week and I'm stoked I brought my board shorts because it's been a hot one. With 60 other riders out there, it can get a bit sketchy during practice but I was still able to put a few lines together. I'm happy with how I rode! I finished out of the top 10 this weekend but the Portland round is only a couple of weeks away so I will give it another go there. Portland is a cool City and I will be trying to make it in both Dirt and Park at that event and it should be a fun week. I want to thank GT for all the support and I will keep you all posted with how Portland goes in a couple of weeks. Cheers, Dave

Monday, July 11, 2011

Team GT's Dave Dillewaard hit up Woodward west for a little session the other day with good friend Ryan "Biz" Jordan. Enjoy

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rob Wise Update

I've been on this Red bull trip for a while now and it's been unreal. We've been driving for the past couple days but it's been fun we just got into Texas and we had to stop by the Cadillac ranch. It's crazy someone decided to dig some holes and put a bunch of old cars in a field. Our next stop is Houston at the T1 ramps can't wait to get there.   

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dillewaards New Whip

Team GT's Dave Dillewaard broke out his new camera to take a few photos of his new GT Cage. Dave has been riding for GT for about 9 years now and he has never been as stoked on a frame as he is right now. Stop Dave the next time you see him at his local park and check it out. It wont be long before you can get one of your own. GT Bikes

Thursday, June 16, 2011

1st look at Rob Wise's New Channel frame

Team GT Rider, Rob Wise has been working closely with GT product manager Jason Halverson on developing one of the best street frames on the market. Here are a few more photos and we will keep you posted on how you can get your hands on one. 


Monday, June 13, 2011

GT's Dave Dillewarrd

Team GT's Dave Dillewaard was in Salt Lake last week so we spent an evening cutting a few laps at Beringers. Here is a random shot of Dave stretching a no footed can as he makes his way to the shed. CF

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dillewaard, Enarson & Danger iPhone edit from China

Here is a real cool iPhone edit that GT's Dave Dillewarrd put together over the last week while he was in China for the Asian X Games. Enjoy

Thursday, April 28, 2011

S&S Feature: GT Bikes 3 Day's In The Desert.

Team GT just finished a road trip with The boys all wanted to get out to California for the Demolition parts "Last Chance" Premiere. Team GT riders Dave Dillewaard & Rob Wise have full sections so keep your eyes peeled for that. After the premiere the Team headed to AZ for a few days and had a great time filming before they made there way back to Utah. Enjoy

Sunday, April 24, 2011

GT Bikes Dave Dillewaard, Clip Of The Week On Sunsets&Sodas

Dillewaard on Sunsets&Sodas clip Of The Week. Dave is in Salt Lake for a couple of days before he heads off to Asia for the Asian X Games. Dave is Dialed. GT Bikes

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dillewaard Update.

Sup Mates

Today was an awesome day in so Cal, so I headed up to Heath Pinters trails for a fun sesh in the sun. You can tell I was having a good time from the chillin pics.

Demilition Parts DVD premier is coming up on the 16th of this month and I am looking forward to that. The day after the premier the whole GT Bikes Team is going on a sweet trip with Sunsets & Sodas for a week so that will be amazing. Look for the Team Edit to be dropping soon after.

Ride On

Friday, March 11, 2011

GT's Rob Wise at Fullerton Bike shop this Sunday.

Team GT's Rob Wise and the rest of the Demolition parts team will be doing a demo at the Fullerton Bike Shop this Sunday, March 13th at 1:PM. If your in the area this will be well worth checking out. Contact the shop or go to Demolition Parts for more info.  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Randomlife Edit

#randomlife - More BMX Videos

GT's Eric Bahlman has a few heavy clips at the end of this edit. Enjoy

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Demolition Parts: Last Chance Trailer 2

Demolition Parts: Last Chance Trailer 2 from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Team GT's Dave Dillewaard & Rob Wise will both have a full section in the new Demolition Parts video called Last Chance. Dave & Rob have been putting a lot of time into this project and judging by the trailer it's going to be heavy and well worth the wait. I will keep you posted as the premiere dates come in and also let you know where you can find a copy for yourself.

Team GT's Rob Wise out in Cali this week.

Rob Wise is out in California this week spending some time at the DC office. After that he is spending a week down in San Diego with Christian Rigal to finish up his part in the New Demolition video out soon. I can not wait. CF 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little update from Dille

Hey guys, just finished a fun little 2 weeks of activities. I
headed out to Canberra for Cam Whites Dirt Jam last weekend and it was a
killer time! His jumps were dialed and a lot of people turned up for the jam. I'm
not sure how much money was raised for ARF but I'm sure it was a lot. I was
just taking it easy during the jam doing trains with Yonny and Colin
Mackay, and it was so damn fun.  At the start of the jam I ejected
over the last jump that's about 15 foot tall and 25 foot or longer.. I
thought I was done for but some how I tucked and rolled out of it and
could keep riding. All the riders killed it and Cam did such a great job of putting on a sick jam.
Here our a few pics that my mate Yonny took the other day out riding some street.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rob Wise, Road trip adventures.

Rob Wise, Mike Aitken & Tate Roskelly decided to take a little road trip out to San Diego for the week. On there way Rob dropped me this little update with one of the coolest spots I have ever seen.

We got to ride this water park for about 20 minutes before we were held captive for about 5 hours. After dealing with the police we had to break our cars out of this gated parking lot. It was quite the adventure. RW

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rob Wise, Home from St Thomas.

 I just got back from one of the best trips I've had in a long time. We went to St Thomas in the virgin islands. I was stoked a good part of the Utah crew got to make it on the trip as well. I haven't been on a trip with those guys in quite some time so that was awesome. We didn't really know what to expect when we got there other than that there was a lot of beautiful scenery. The first couple days we just tried getting settled in and lining up cars for the trip. After all that was done we started searching the whole island for spots. There was a lot more things to ride than I thought there was going to be. We were going to try and make it to the other islands close by but we had so much stuff we wanted to do we didn't have time. We found a pool that was on the cliffs but it was full to the top so we decided to get as many hoses as possible and drain it. It took three days but it was worth it. there was this little burger stand down the street from the house we would hang out at every night. The local kids that rode bikes would bomb hills all night long so of course we had to join in. Funnest time ever. We were there for 11 days and I think it wasn't enough time it was over before we knew it. Craziest part of the trip was the last day before we left to the airport. There was a crash landing at the St Thomas airport that's not exactly what you wanna see before you fly somewhere. But we made it home safe. I gotta say a huge thanks to everyone that made that trip possible!!!!  

Rob Wise

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dillewaard just finishing up.

Dave Dillewaard has been busting his a__ lately on his Demolition part and it sounds like he's about finished with it. Dave has had a great year and I know we are all looking forward to seeing both Dave & Rob in this new film. Big thanks to Stewart for the photo's

Bobby Kanode, My Girls edit

Bobby has been killing it as usual but now he has a camera to document it all. This is the first of many to come edits from Kanode and Im looking forward to it. GT

Friday, January 7, 2011

Catching up with Dillewaard.

Hey guys,
I hope everyone had a good Xmas and New Year! I had a good time hanging out with family and friends over the holiday. Now that the holidays are over I can get back to work on my section for the Demolition DVD coming out soon. I have a few comps coming up that should be a good time. The one is The King Of Dirt in Brisbane at the end of the month and then I'm heading to Melbourne for the Redbull Dirt Pipe contest after that. It should be a real good time. It has been raining a lot lately but it's not now, so I'm heading out to ride. Cheers, Dave

Clouse Cellar: Edit from Glendale with Wescott & Kanode.

GT's Bobby Kanode & Tony Malouf play a game of Bike.