Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Quick Hello From Dave

Hey guys, I just got back from Orlando dew tour last night, I drove down there from NC which wasn't too bad.

I was going into the comp with a bit of a hurt wrist so I wasn't too excited. I rode dirt on Thursday and my wrist wasn't holding up too well. I ended up in 24th place. Saturday was park prelims and I still could hardly pump around the course, it was real annoying cause I was looking forward to this contest but couldn't even give it my all. I ended up taking it easy and took 30th place.

I went to the doctor this morning in Greenville and had some x-rays. everything looks normal but it does not feel like it. I have a MRI appointment tomorrow at 4 30 to get it checked out more.

I'm flying to Cali Friday morning for the Ride BMX video "Range Of Motion" premiere that I have a full section in. The premier is Friday night at the Ride offices in Orange County. Then I will be in Cali for the weekend. Back home Monday and then to the doc Tuesday to see the results of the MRI. Hopefully nothing too crazy going on in there. Until then I will keep you posted!


GT Demo at the Jambo-Ree Nov 1.

Attention East Coast peeps!!!

Louis and the GT Demo fleet will be at the Jambo-Ree on Nov 1 in Elkton, MD.

The 4th Annual Mountain Bike Jamboree, hosted by the Delaware Trail Spinners, is a celebration for mountain biking in the Mid-Atlantic region. This is a no cost event, with free food, and free entertainment.

In case you can't read the flyer, head over to

Anyone headed out there needs to make sure to give our new sales rep Brian a hard time. If that isn't the best kind of free entertainment, I don't know what is!

So head out to the Jambo-Ree, and be sure to post pictures of your GT test ride on our Facebook fan page.

See you there!

Monday, October 19, 2009

If Only Videos Could Have Moustaches and Sideburns

What do seductive music, lemonade stands and bikes tipping over have in common? You can find them ALL in EC's latest shop visit video to the Singletrack Factory in Denver, CO.

I swear, all I want to do after I watch this video is roll around on shag carpeting. Does anyone else envision EC in his editing room working on the first part of this video wearing a huge Ron Jeremy mask, kind of like how John C. Reily does his taxes in Stepbrothers?



Saturday, October 17, 2009

New GT Section at Ray's MTB

I'm sure a lot of you have heard, but the guys at Ray's MTB have been working their fingers to the bone getting ready for the 2009/2010 season.

GT is proud to be a sponsor of the park since it opened. For anyone that's been there, you probably have spent some time in the GT Sport Section or if you have a little more gusto, been over the GT box jump.

Check out these pics that Ray sent me of the changes to the GT deck. I, for one, can't wait to get to Cleveland to give the new lines a try.

Don't forget that opening weekend is right around the corner. We'll be sending one of our pro athletes out to join in the festivities. Who is it? You have to come to the park to find out!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Team Jelly Belly Headed Down Under

Hey, did you know that GT is the official bike of Jelly Belly, the longest running sponsorship in domestic cycling? Actually, the JB guys were instrumental in helping us design the new GTR platform.

We asked them what they were looking for in a new bike. It's no surprise that they wanted super high BB and head tube stiffness. We tool this into consideration, and when developing the GTR carbon bikes we incorporated Shimano's BB86 standard for the bottom bracket and we created a brand new GT-exclusive full carbon fork that tapers from 1 1/8" at the top to 1 1/4" at the bottom. I can tell you, and the guys agree, that this is one of the stiffest, most precise handling bikes we have ever created.

I just got this email from JB and they are headed down to Australia to take part in the Jayco Herald Sun Tour...

"Jelly Belly arrives in Australia this week to compete in one of the worlds oldest stage races, the Jayco Herald Sun Tour. As their third year participating in the event, Team Director Danny van Haute said he is looking forward to competing in this late-season race.

This is definitely one of our favorites throughout the year, he said.
Will Routley has competed in this race before, however this is his first Sun Tour with the Jelly Belly Squad.

It is always exciting to do a race with such a good history, he explained. This race is so well organized and has a lot of support in NSW, (the state in which it takes place) it is great to be a part of.

When asked what was unique to racing in Australia, Kiel Reijnen explained the difference in racing style down under.

From what Ive heard, racing in Australia is pretty aggressive, Reijnen said. They have a lot of fast guys, especially sprinters, and I imagine they wont do down at their home race without a fight.

A difference from Australia to racing in other countries is that there are kangaroos and a lot of little bugs that will kill you, Routley laughed. On the racing side, though, the Australian racing is tough and aggressive. It's the kind I like.

The Jayco Herald Sun Tours 58th year runs from October 11 through 17. Jelly Belly is bringing Will Routley, Kiel Reijnen, Bernard van Ulden, Brad Huff, Matt Rice, Matt Crane and Johnny Clarke to contest the final trophy this year. To find out how the guys do at each stage continue to check the Jelly Belly Cycling website for details."

Based on our luck in Australia so far this year (Way to go again, Mick!) we're feeling good about the guys' chances. Go get 'em boys!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thanks for Joining us at NEMBA Fest!

Thanks to everyone who came out to NEMBA fest and stopped by to say hi! Thanks also to everyone who test rode a GT. Here's some shots from the weekend, courtesy of our Outside Sales Rep Chuck Webster, or Webstaaahhhhhhhhh as we like to call him (because he's got the accent).
6 of 8 tents were GT...not bad!

Philip Keys, the man with the plan at NEMBA. This is as close as he got to being a Golden Race winner...

Well represented.

Thanks again to NEMBA for letting us be a part of the weekend. For more info on the great stuff going on out east, visit

For more shots from the weekend, check out