Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rob Wise, Road trip adventures.

Rob Wise, Mike Aitken & Tate Roskelly decided to take a little road trip out to San Diego for the week. On there way Rob dropped me this little update with one of the coolest spots I have ever seen.

We got to ride this water park for about 20 minutes before we were held captive for about 5 hours. After dealing with the police we had to break our cars out of this gated parking lot. It was quite the adventure. RW

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rob Wise, Home from St Thomas.

 I just got back from one of the best trips I've had in a long time. We went to St Thomas in the virgin islands. I was stoked a good part of the Utah crew got to make it on the trip as well. I haven't been on a trip with those guys in quite some time so that was awesome. We didn't really know what to expect when we got there other than that there was a lot of beautiful scenery. The first couple days we just tried getting settled in and lining up cars for the trip. After all that was done we started searching the whole island for spots. There was a lot more things to ride than I thought there was going to be. We were going to try and make it to the other islands close by but we had so much stuff we wanted to do we didn't have time. We found a pool that was on the cliffs but it was full to the top so we decided to get as many hoses as possible and drain it. It took three days but it was worth it. there was this little burger stand down the street from the house we would hang out at every night. The local kids that rode bikes would bomb hills all night long so of course we had to join in. Funnest time ever. We were there for 11 days and I think it wasn't enough time it was over before we knew it. Craziest part of the trip was the last day before we left to the airport. There was a crash landing at the St Thomas airport that's not exactly what you wanna see before you fly somewhere. But we made it home safe. I gotta say a huge thanks to everyone that made that trip possible!!!!  

Rob Wise

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dillewaard just finishing up.

Dave Dillewaard has been busting his a__ lately on his Demolition part and it sounds like he's about finished with it. Dave has had a great year and I know we are all looking forward to seeing both Dave & Rob in this new film. Big thanks to Stewart for the photo's

Bobby Kanode, My Girls edit

Bobby has been killing it as usual but now he has a camera to document it all. This is the first of many to come edits from Kanode and Im looking forward to it. GT

Friday, January 7, 2011

Catching up with Dillewaard.

Hey guys,
I hope everyone had a good Xmas and New Year! I had a good time hanging out with family and friends over the holiday. Now that the holidays are over I can get back to work on my section for the Demolition DVD coming out soon. I have a few comps coming up that should be a good time. The one is The King Of Dirt in Brisbane at the end of the month and then I'm heading to Melbourne for the Redbull Dirt Pipe contest after that. It should be a real good time. It has been raining a lot lately but it's not now, so I'm heading out to ride. Cheers, Dave

Clouse Cellar: Edit from Glendale with Wescott & Kanode.

GT's Bobby Kanode & Tony Malouf play a game of Bike.