Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little update from Dille

Hey guys, just finished a fun little 2 weeks of activities. I
headed out to Canberra for Cam Whites Dirt Jam last weekend and it was a
killer time! His jumps were dialed and a lot of people turned up for the jam. I'm
not sure how much money was raised for ARF but I'm sure it was a lot. I was
just taking it easy during the jam doing trains with Yonny and Colin
Mackay, and it was so damn fun.  At the start of the jam I ejected
over the last jump that's about 15 foot tall and 25 foot or longer.. I
thought I was done for but some how I tucked and rolled out of it and
could keep riding. All the riders killed it and Cam did such a great job of putting on a sick jam.
Here our a few pics that my mate Yonny took the other day out riding some street.